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IMDS meaning and how IMDS system work

Here you can learn basic details of IMDS, concept of IMDS, Application of IMDS. This training program is intended to knowledge about working instruction on web-portal of IMDS. By this post you can learn concept of Component, semi component and material/chemicals. Sent / propose meaning in IMDS. Also you will learn how we create material, component and semi component in IMDS and how to sent to customer?  

What is IMDS system?

With this article, you will have basic understanding of IMDS system. Will learn how MDS system works. This article will be like a training, which is without cost. 
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What is IMDS meaning & IMS system?

IMDS stand for international material data system. The IMDS (International Material Data System)is the automobile industry’s material data system. In IMDS, all materials used for automobile manufacturing are collected, maintained, analyzed and archived.

Using the IMDS, it is possible to meet the obligations placed on automobile manufacturers, and thus on their suppliers, by national and international standards, Laws and  regulations. Using the IMDS, it is possible to create a datasheet safely and easily from your computer.

  • Initially IMDS was a joint development of Audi, BMW, Daimler Chrysler, Ford, Opel, Porsche, Volkswagen, and Volvo. It is A system to inform environmental information.
  • It is run by the major automobile OEMs in Asia, America, and EU.
  • It is A system that users can access form all over the world via internet.
  • Suppliers can use the system for free
  • An user can access IMDS right after Online Company Registration.
  • It is de facto standard in the automobile industry.

In short brief, whatever you are making, you have to fill details of that components (What you have included in that component), So that your buyer can be confident that he has bought goods without hazardous elements. Same component he has to sell next customer with IMDS verification. By this chain, final product can be ensure without conflict element.

All these verification of material is done on online IMDS web portal.

IMDS data collection

It is a computer-based system, IMDS highlights hazardous and controlled substances by comparing entered data with regulatory-originated lists of prohibited substances (Hexavalent Chromium Cr6+, Cd, Pb & Hg (Mercury). Hence OEMs can trace hazardous substances back to the individual part and work with suppliers to reduce, control, or eliminate the hazard.

Suppliers Enter the data of chemical substances contained in the parts or the materials. This is done online on IMDS portal. So suppliers data is collected in IMDS server. Then IMDS sent this data to IMDS committee. IMDS Committee is group of OEMs. Then particular OEM download the IMDS data and analysis that data using Calculation system & check is it possible for OEM to conform if it meet the regulation. 

Refer below picture for better understanding. Some name & words has been removed or covered in Dark due to privacy.

How to register data in IMDS?

Before data entry in IMDS you have to understand about Component, semi-component, Material & chemicals.

What is Component in IMDS? 

Component can be either a Delivery Part or a Structure Part. It must be counted by itself. Symbol for component is Rectangle in red.

What is Semi-component in IMDS?

Semi-component is not A structure part. For Semi-component, users are requested to state an in-process part which need to be processed before it become Component. For example leather which cut and paste for an interior, or a sheet metal where its thickness is defined. Symbol for Semi-component is circular in yellow.

What is Material in IMDS?

Material is a structure material. It must be counted by gram or cc. Symbol for Material is two closed circle in green.

What is Chemicals in IMDS? 

Chemical is the smallest unit which construct MDS, and it structures a material. Chemicals are listed in IMDS and the users are requested to select from the list. Symbol for chemical is triangle with below color.

Understand it by below picture:-

In above picture, speedo meter cable is component which is received by OEM as part for assembly in bike. In this speedometer other child parts are -wire, sleeve, plastic holder, poly-vinyl-chloride boat, turned part and adhesive.

How data flow in IMDS?

Tier-1 vendor who is making component will request material data to Tier-2 supplier, and tier02 will request material data to tier03.

Then tier03 will do material data entry and tier02 will do semi-component data entry and tier01 will add component data entry.

See this in below picture:-

Data Flow for registration in IMDS

Remember important point:-

1. With the difference of shapes or structures, same Material data is capable of being diverted if its amount of use is specified.

2. With the difference of shapes or structures, same Semi-component data is capable of being diverted if its amount of use is specified.

3. To the different mother component, same Component data is capable of being diverted if its number of units used is specified.

IMDS login

You just have to access url-, Click-LogIn.

How to Login in IMDS

How to Create Material Data Sheet (MDS)

Follow following steps:-

1. Click MDS

2. Click New

3. Click Datasheet

4. Click Material

5. After step4 new screen will pop-up where you have to select a material from VDA material classifications. After selecting click apply.

Note:- VDA Material Classification is fixed by VDA(German Association of the Automotive Industry). It is a list of codes to to classify the materials. The classifications are set by the structures of the chemicals in the materials. The Standard of Classification is available in IMDS Recommendation 001a.

See below picture for up-to step 5.

How to create MDS in IMDS?

Then fill out the blanks.

  1. Put the name of the material
  2. Put internal material code
  3. Preliminary MDS: Put the check when MDS is for preliminary declaration due to initial stage of Mass Production preparation.
  4. I have declared all GADSL substances.

How to assemble the composing chemicals in a material? 

1. Select the material

2. Add a substance reference

3. Fill out search criteria in pop-up screen

4. Click search

5. Select a chemical you need to add

6. Click Apply.

See below picture for understanding:-
How to assemble chemicals in material?
After this follow these steps:-

7. Check that the chemical which you select at the last step is added in the tree. Then select it.

8. Fill out Amounts and Weights for the chemical – Select one between 3 option:- 1. Fix 2. From-to 3. Rest

9. If more chemicals need to be added, please repeat ① through ⑧of *-1.

After all composing chemicals for MDS are added, it must be sent to the survey requester.

How to assemble the composing material into material?

1. Select a material

2. Click “Add a Material reference”

– You can find search screen for the composing materials. In this screen you may select the chemicals that structure the material.

3. Fill out search criteria

4. Click “Search”

5. Select a material you want to add.

6. Click “Apply”

See below picture for understanding:-
Assemble the composing material into material
Now follow below remaining steps:-

7. Check that the material you select at the last step is added in the tree, and then select.

8. Fill out Amounts and Weights for the material

– Fix- portion in %

– From to-

– Rest- 100(%)-(total content rates of added chemicals)(%)

9. If more chemicals need to be added, please repeat ①through ⑧of *-2.

Note:In the end total contents rate of the chemicals must be 100%.
See below picture for understanding.

Similarly we can create semi-component and Component MDS on IMDS portal.

How to send MDS?

Now you have to move to supplier’s information in IMDS web portal.

The further procedure shows you the steps after all information of composing items are registered in the MDSs. Here, Supplier means a person who send MDS.

Follow these steps:-

1. Click “Supplier Data” tab.

2. Select “Organization Unit”

– Generally it is the section where the person who creates MDSs belong.

3. Select Contact Person.

– Representative person who create MDSs. It should be the person who receives inquiries from the companies where the MDSs are sent.

See below picture for understanding:-
Adding supplier Data for MDS data sending
After all this Click on “Recipient Data tab”.

1. Click o Home+ icon to add new recipient.

2. In POP-up screen fill out search criteria of the company to receive MDS.

–  In Company ID, the venders are requested to enter certain Honda Organization IDs that are specified when the venders receive the survey requests. Organization IDs are specified for every recipients of MDSs.

3. Click “Search”

4. Select the recipient company.

– When a vender to send MDS to OEM, the vendor is requested to designate an organization to specify the Purchasing in specific OEM.

5. Click “Apply”

6. Check if the company which is selected in the last step is shown.

Remember here you are sending MDSs to another company.
Adding Recipient data in MDS

7. Fill out “Transfer Information”

– Following items must be filled out.

  • Supplier Code [Code given by OEM to vendor]
  • Name [Same as in drawing]
  • Part No./Part Name [As in drawing]

8. Put check mark on the check box below. If the vender is not allowing OEM to forward its MDS, then take off the check mark. (Forwarding allowed).

9. Click on “Propose”.

10. Check that no errors nor warnings are shown then click “Propose”.

When you want to sent internal company or inhouse section. Then Click on “Release internal”/

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