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What is Honda QAV-2 Audit?

What is Honda QAV Audit?

What is Honda QAV Audit?
Honda QAV Audit Chart

QAV stand for “Quality Assurance Verification”. QAV Audit is planned for verification of supplier readiness during product development at various planned events. Basically QAV audit is quality audit, Honda planned QAV audit in 5step. This QAV audit is not different from other customer audit, basically content in this audit is same.

In the below picture you can see Product development planned events of Honda Motor Co. The QAV audits are planned according to events. This QAV-2 audit will be done in 5 Steps, these 5 steps of QAV audit can be seen between events of Honda in below picture.


What is Honda QAV-2 audit Purpose?

QAV-2 (Step-1) is self assessment audit, which to be done by supplier & self assessment will be submitter to Honda QAD. But if new supplier, or existing supplier has poor score in Supplier rating/Honda Supplier Assessment, then Honda team will do QAV-1 audit at supplier end. So every supplier has to sustains good score to stay in business. After every 3 year, Generally Honda Motor Co. ask for system audit, and also for every new development process.

Summary on confirmation item in QAV-2 audit

List of activities and documents requirement in QAV audits

Planning Phase:-






QAV-2 Step2:-

1. Provide MCP to suppliers after M/L (Maker Layout) fix

2. Get 4 set doc. (PQCT1 & 2, MCP, QA matrix, ) before tool go

3. Check suppliers planning at each stage

4. Perform QAV step-2  (as per step-2 check sheet)

5. Get capacity declaration sheet from suppliers

QAV-2 Step3:-

1. Check supplier’s trials Joint part & inspection with supplier.

2. Receive parts @HONDA & do incoming inspection

3. Perform- QAV 2 step-3 audit as per check sheet

QAV-2 step4:-

1. Check progress against each item

2. Check m/pro quality confirmation

3. Perform QAV step-4 (as per QAV step-4 check sheet)

4. Receive event parts @ HONDA Do incoming inspection

QAV-2 step5:-

1. Perform 200p trial to confirm capacity

2. Perform QAV step-5 (as per step-5 check sheet)

3. Safety declaration from supplier

4. All supplier documents approved


As you can see, each audit is being done on the basis of decided check sheet of audit. Here I am going to adjust those check sheet.

QAV-2 (step-1)- System Audit

Honda basically verifies quality system at supplier as per their SQM. So for every new development, Honda will issue SQM to supplier.  After business finalization, Honda QAD request to supplier for MCP (Manufacturing control plan) & PQCT (Process Quality control table). Honda Company ask supplier to do self assessment audit at their end. If supplier is new, Honda will do QAV-2 (Step-1).

If supplier failed in QAV-2 (Step-1), no business till supplier improves Quality system. If passed, then QAV-2 (S-2) is planned.

After die Go Fix, QAV-2 (Step-2) is planned. Under this audit, Honda verifies MCP & check progress.  HCIL will judge validity of plan & structure. Also Honda Clarify completes items for each event, Understand Policies. 

Supplier has to mature all tools (Dies, Equipment, Jig, Checking fixture & QA equipment before QAV-2 (Step-3). So supplier has to explain all tooling plan in documents while QAV-2 (step-2) audit.

Now for QAV-2 (Step-3) supplier has to established process assurance capability And production condition so supplier can assure Honda QAD about readiness of Dan-event.  QAV-2(S-3) is done to check preparation for Dan lot.

QAV-2(Step-4) is done for Quality confirmation. Since production condition has established at supplier end, process assurance capability can be done also. So under this audit PAC-V verification is done. So far supplier must have established mass productivity condition for new development part. Likewise other QAV audits this QAV-2(S-4) is also done as per check sheet.

QAV-2 (Step-5) is done for confirming (Volume) mass production & Safety declaration (Anzen Sangen). Honda QAD can ask for 200 parts and 2 hours production whichever is later.

Excel Check sheet of QAV-2 Step-1 Audit-

Click on Picture to download Excel check sheet of Honda QAV-2 step-1

Now before going direct understanding on QAV-2 (Step-2), we first understand about MCP. Basically MCP stands for “manufacturing control plan”. In MCP supplier align development activity along with Honda event/Activity. MCP is control plan for mass production of component, micro level planning of activities of development of tools and components.

Excel Check sheet of Honda MCP:-

HONDA Event names for Product Development

Honda Dan Event– It is Proto Parts [It is further divided into M-DAN, E-DAN]
Honda Dankaku Event– It is also proto parts
Honda Hinkaku Event– It is Mass production Proto
Honda Ryokaku Event– It is Mass production condition

Excel check sheet for QAV- step-2 Audit


Excel sheet for QAV-2 (Step-3):-

QAV-2 step-4 Audit Check sheet


QAV 2 Step 5 Audit Check sheet with Guidelines:-

Click on picture to view the File

All QAV-2 check sheets are for understanding about concept of audit, we can say getting idea about what would be expectation of Honda form these audit.

Actual QAV-2 check sheet can be different from these, I also have attached all check sheets along with guidelines, you just have to pay for those, and you can get for your learning.

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So here this article ends, hope you understand about QAV-2 audit of Honda. For any kind of assistant and guidelines and discussion, drop email to


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