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How to fill IMDS on web portal

What is IMD S and IMDS system?

IMDS submission for Customer

In this article i will try to explain IMDS (International material Data system), submission and filling, Details of IMDS.

Basically IMDS is about details information about material of component which we are delivering to customer.

Think , one company is manufacturing Cars in India, want to sell its vehicle in Europe, where vehicle regulatory requirement is different from India. If our product that mean car does not compile those regulatory requirement , Europe will not buy the cars.

IMDS Introduction:-

Europe can buy if customer issue a declaration certificate to buy that we have check the car, i mean all material of car, substance of concern is not available in this car. Well 

Is declaration certificate is sufficient, or is it more clear in business i mean seller could misguide the buyer. 

So to bring that clarity, top most organization of world created single forum or portal, where all suppliers will submit material details in chained formed.

Say my company is buying component from A company and sell this component after assembly to B company & B  company sell that component in international market after assembly. So A company will give me MDS (material data sheet) and we will send our MDS to B company and in last B company will submit final data on IMDS portal. If all OK, seller will issue declaration about the product that he has verify all about material of final component. 

Even European buyer can also see the verification of that component. 

So this was intro about IMDS.


What is IMDS?

IMDS stand for International material data system, details about definition is in below picture. 
IMDS definition from OEM 

MDS Flow structure

Now lets understand about IMDS portal and then after we will learn about how we fill data on portal.
When you open you will see this screen.
 You see that Login option , you will fill user I,D and password , screen will open , see in below picture.

So far we have login in portal. Now this screen has symbols,so first we have to understand meaning of these symbols and then we will proceed further.

You will see from top right corner in above picture is MDS, Functions, Administration, Help (You don’t need to go through more option but when click on MDS option appears , where ask for new sheet,etc.
Side by these option you can see sheet symbol, next to it save symbol, next-check MDS symbol,Next-Make MDS report symbol, Inbox symbol, outbox symbol, Component symbol, next- sub component symbols, next- chemical symbol, chemical symbol and in last chemical analysis.
Now we have understood symbols , but what exactly is meaning of these symbols -we have to know that.

IMDS symbols and their Meaning?

First Symbol:- Sheet

When you will click two option will appear 1) Data Sheet 2)Module. Here remember in module you can make data but customer can not see that data , so module is for practice, (But the data made in module can be internally release and use for MDS.  
While data sheet is not for practice , here whatever you will make can be seen by anyone through its node and Version i,d or by its name. 
So most of people prefer to make data in module ,check it and then release it internally and then use as Reference data.

Second Symbol:- Save

You can understand yourself, no need to explain it.
Third Symbol:- Check MDS
We can check MDS sheet, error or warning can be check through it.

Fourth Symbol :- Make report

You can understand yourself.
Fifth Symbol:- Inbox
Here we can see all data send to us by our suppliers, we have to check and accept/Reject.
Sixth Symbol:- Outbox
Here we can see that data which we have sent to our customers. Status of MDS at customer end can be check through it, whether customer has browsed it or not, accepted or rejected .

Seventh Symbol:- Component

Here we can check MDS of a component. A component will show MDS tree. We can also search any component MDS by using Noid I,D and version I,D if we have, if not we can check by Name -so we can say we many option on screen to find Component MDS. 

Eight Symbol:- Sub-Component 

Same like component. Option or method is same to find SC.

Ninth Symbol:- Material

Here we can find material of child parts as well as component. This is mostly used option in MDS system. Generally we start filling MDS with Materials. Method is same for finding material details on MDS.

Tenth Symbol:- Chemicals

Same as previous two.

Ingredient, Supplier data, Recipient data, analysis and MDS request.

Supplier data is about us, Details of person who is responsible for IMDS from QA side.

Recipient data is about customer. Customer name and I,D is search in that box.

Well here you should have very clear understanding about component and semi component and material.

If you are not aware about these in details , you probably could face IMDS rejection.

Process information should  be clear with this, then you can fill IMDS correctly.

For component, semi-component and material related understanding i have made a video , you can watch from here directly.
Component, Semi component & Material in IMDS
 From that picture you can have an ides about component and semi component. 

Various condition for material addition in different different stage , here that wording can not be written so i will recommend you to visit YouTube channel and watch short video on material uses in MDS.

Now lets come to main point. 

How to make Material Data sheet for a component?

Part for IMDS filling
In above drawing we have a component will be assemble in vehicle. This could be semi component for customer.
Details of part is as :  1) Tube 2) Banjo 3) Connector 4) 0-ring 5) CU Brazing 6) Plating-MFZn
This part is component for me, as this is also an assembly part, so each child part i will assemble will be a component. Plating could be consider as sub component or as component , depend upon case to case. To understand this point how we add plating details in MDS tree, see below picture.
You see plating is on bracket and tube, so i add plating as component with bracket as well as with tube.
Now i will start making MDS for this component, see below picture.
First i will create material for each component. 
See below picture , System will ask you material type , alloyed, unalloyed and steel.

After selection of material type, you have to fill details of material like name or part number. Don’t forget to write node i.d or version I.D.

Then you have to add chemical elements. For that you have to search each element and have to put weight of each element in percentage. For that you will take supplier MTC if not available use direct MDS of supplier here for shortcut. 
See below picture for more clarity.
I have add material details, now i will add details about component ,procedure will be same as material.
Component details to be fill , but weight to be put in imds , which is important, Weight could be two type 1) Calculated weight 3) Measured weight. You have to add both weight their difference should not exceed more than 5%. Then material will be added in component as per condition.
See picture for component:-
Weight calculation for IMDS
To add that material , search it by adding node number or version i.d in your search box. See below picture for clarity:
Similarly we add other component and its material , make an MDS tree. 
See in below picture:
Now all done, its time to send or propose a MDS data.
Before sending make sure you have passed all check . Clear all warning from system if any. Click on supplier data and fill company I.D through which you will send that data.
See picture for clarity.
Then you will go to recipient data , add recipient by clicking on Home+ icon, and fill customer i.d. Click on send. propose/send meaning is same in IMDS system.
See below picture :-
Send or Propose IMDS to Customer
This was all , how we make MDS of a component. Well this was for easy component, in industries components could be more complex, accordingly our MDS sheet will be more complex. 
But method of working will be same.

For IMDS filling , some people do little foul play. But guys those foul play tricks can not be written here. So i will try to explain that trick through a video. 

Hope your IMDS related concept is clear now. If doubt or any suggestion please email me on my mail address :


Hope You guys find this article useful and informative, it will help you to learn it easily and grow your knowledge
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