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Concept of horsepower in Automobiles

Horsepower in Automobile

What is Horse Power?

Horse power by Royal society of Physics is “work done @ 33000 ft lb per minute.
A horse can pull 330 lbs weight over a distance of 100 ft in one minute. This was defined as one horse power

Now power is Work done/Unit Time, also Power= torque x angular momentum. Unit of power is Watt (W).

What is Physical value of Watt ?

1 watt is equal to 1 joule/second, 1 joule is 1 N-m (joule is unit of energy, by thermodynamics 1st law- work & energy are equal). 

So Watt is 1 joule energy generated in 1 second. In electrical point it is 1 Watt=1V*1A. 

A person having a mass of 100 kilograms who climbs a three-meter-high ladder in five seconds is doing work at a rate of about 600 watts. 

Also 1 Calorie is equal to 4.184 Joule. 

And Work is Force * Distance [Here don’t confuse with torque it is Force * Perpendicular distance].

Engines were invented in early days of industrial revolution. At that time, in order to compare which engine was more powerful, a standard of measurement was required. Mostly, these engines were used to do work which were earlier done by horses, a lot of experiments were conducted to determine the power of a horse.

Name of James Watt is prominent among the scientists involved in these experiments. It was concluded that an horse will pull 330 pound weight over a distance of 100 ft in one minute.

1 Horse Power = 33000 ft-lb per minute or 550 ft-lb per second.

1 Horse Power  = 746 Watt

What is BHP, HP , PC, KW & KWh in power output of engine?

In essence, HP, BHP, PS, CV and kW all refer to the amount of power that an engine produces. Or, in less technical terms, how much ‘work’ it can do. As a rule of thumb, the higher the horsepower, the faster a car can ultimately go.

BHP stands for Brake Hose power, total engine output measured at flywheel.

HP is stands for horse power, which is equal to 746 watt.

PS or Metric Horse Power :- It is 98.6% of BHP, mostly called PS (Pferdestake) used in Germany. So metric horse power will be 736 watt. 


KW stands for Kilo watt, is unit of power. KW is equal to 1000 watt.

KWh stands for kilo watt hour, unit of energy (it mean how much energy that actually used or generated in 1 hour).

Both KW & Kwh explain battery capacity. KWh defines how much energy the battery pack has available to provide to electric motor.

List of Vehicle having maximum power.

Maximum power engine could be use in all vehicle, depend upon its configuration. Could be use in tractors, truck, bus and Cars.

Here is list of Tractors with maximum horse power.





Big Bud

1100 HP


Case IH
Steiger Quadtrac 620

692 HP


New Holland

682 HP


Case IH
Steiger Quadtrac 600

670 HP


John Deere

670 HP



650 HP


New Holland

648 HP


New Holland

638 HP


John Deere
9670 RT

627 HP


The Case IH
Steiger Quadtrac 540 CVX

613 HP

Big Bud 16V-747:

Big Bud Tractors Inc, is the world’s most powerful tractor, by far. This large tractor, designed only for towing work. This tractor has a 900 hp powerful 16-cylinder turbo diesel V-engine from the US American engine manufacturer Detroit Diesel type 16V92T.

Power: originally 760 horsepower (570 kW), but later increased to 860 horsepower (640 kW), then to 960 horsepower (720 kW) but is now at 1100hp.

Case IH Steiger Quadtrac 620

CNH industrial product with diesel engine & two-stage turbocharger provide 692Hp (horsepower).

New Holland T9.700

This is also CNH industrial product release an almost unbeatable power of 682 HP.

Case IH Steiger Quadtrac 600

The CNH industrial Product with peak performance of 670 Hp. 

John Deere 9620RX

Equipped with a Cummins QSX15 6-cylinder in-line engine, it also reaches 670 hp like the Case IH Steiger Quadtrac 600.

Versatile 610DT

Product of Buhler Versatile Inc. It has a Cummins QSX15 T4F engine , and power of 650HP.

New Holland T9.670

A product of CNH Industrial has an FPT Cursor 13 engine with two-stage turbocharging. It reaches 648 hp with a maximum weight of 25.4 tonnes.

New Holland-T9-645

from CNH Industrial, is equipped with a two-stage FPT Cursor 13 turbo engine with 638 hp.

John Deere 9570 RT

With its Cummins QSX15 15.0 litre in-line engine, it achieves a magnificent 627 hp.

The Case IH Steiger Quadtrac 540 CVX

Product having 613 HP engine. It is part of Case STX Steiger tractorline build by CASE IH.

Big Bud Tractor was only an experiment, not for large scale production. Only one tractor made & it s still in museum somewhere in USA.

Since power demand will be more and more and accordingly experiment will be done to enhance more and more horse power of engine & vehicle overall. 

Now next i will write how horse power is increased of and engine. Complete guide to improve power of engine.

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