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Basic of Japanese words

Japanese words and lesson that are helpful in learning.

You might be confused with some of Japanese words, while discussing something in meeting with Japanese people.
Japanese Class Notes
Japanese class Notes
So here are some of words that could help you in understanding what speaker is trying to say.
Interesting fact is you have to spend around 3 months (Without any break) to learn Japanese language. I can understand, you must be surprised to know what this logic is.  But it is not necessary that you stay in class continuously to learn Japanese, if you learn with true mind, then you can learn in 6 months (with breaks).
I will also upload some Japanese language learning lesion in PDF. Those PDF file will not only help you in understanding but will also generate interest about learning world’s most interesting language.  
As each language has its script, so Japanese has its script also, but these are 3 in numbers.
Japanese language uses three scripts: hiragana (ひらがな), katakana (カタカナ) and kanji (漢字).
Here Hiragana & katakana are easy to understand and to write. But kanji is difficult to master. Because Kanji has more than 50,000 characters while Hiragana & Katakana each has only 46 characters, which make these 2 scripts easy to understand and write.
Starting with Numbers:-

No. Japanese Meaning No. Japanese Meaning No. Japanese Meaning
1. Ichi 16 juuroku 31 sanjuichi
2. ni 17 juunana 32
3. san 18 juuhachi 33
4. yon 19 juukyuu 34
5. go 20 nijuu 35
6. roku 21 nijuichi 36
7. nana 22 nijuni 37
8. hachi 23 nijusan 38
9. kyuu 24 nijuyon 39
10 juu 25 nijugo 40 yonjuu
11 juuichi 26 nijuroku 50 gojuu
12 juuni 27 nijunana 60 rokujuu
13 juusan 28 nijuhachi 70 nanajuu
14 juuyon 29 nijukyu 80 hachiju
15 juugo 30 sanjuu 90 kyujuu

100= hyaku
1000= sen
10,000= ichiman

You have to learn upto 1 to 10 numbers in Japanese, rest will come with help of these 1 to 10 numbers.
 Let’s say you have to speak

1. 145= 100+40+5 [hyaku_yon-ju_go]
2. 185= 100+80+5 [hyaku_hachi-ju_go]

Some Japanese Noun & Pronoun

Apart from the numbers, let’s understand some noun and pronoun.
  • Watashi= I
  • Anata=You
  • San=Mr./Mrs
  • Dare=Who
  • Hai=yes
  • Konpyuta=computer
  • Isha=Doctor
  • Nihon=japan
  • Ohayo-gozaimasu= Good Morning
  • Hajimemashite= how are you?
  • Kenshusei=trainee
  • Anata-wa sanju san desu ka?= Are you mr. sanju?
  • Ano-hito wa dare desu ka? = Who is he?
If you want to learn Japanese language, you will come to know about JLPT. 
JLPT is a standardized test to evaluate and certify Japanese language proficiency for non-native speakers, covering language knowledge, reading ability, and listening ability.
This test consist 5 tests. N1, N2, N3, N4, N5. Certificate of JLPT never get expired. N5 is basic here, N1 is advance level.

For more PDF lesson, do follow and write mail id in comment.
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