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Checklist of APQP activities for NPD

APQP is advance product quality planning process (APQPP). APQP is a framework of procedures and techniques used to develop  products in industry, particularly in the automotive industry.

List of APQP activities

APQP list comprises 5 phases. 

1. Product planning and program definition

2. Product design and development

3. Process design and development

4. Product and process validation

5. Feedback & Corrective action

Phase I : Product Planning and Program Definition

    1. Receipt of RFQ  (Receipt of drawing along with spec drawing/ref. sample)
    2. Formation of CFT
    3. Review of Drawing  / Feasibility Review and Risk Assessment
    4. Resource planning
    5. Past Problem History study
    6. Initial Kick Off meeting,
    7. Preparation of Part Information sheet (PIS)/ Initial Bill of material (BOM)
    8. Received LOI/Go ahead/Spec Meeting.
    9. Master List of Drawing/Std.
    10. Receiving CAD data from customer & other input for product design/development.
    11. Preparation of APQP Timing Plan.
    12. Prepare Preliminary Process Flow Chart
    13. Prepare Listing of special product and process characteristics
    14. Prepare Preliminary Listing of New equipment , tooling and facility requirements
    15. Taking supplier input on child part development feasibility
    16. Prepare Supplier PPAP requirement as per QA.
    17. Review & Management Support

Phase-2:-Product Design and Development

    1. Design/Drawing  & Data
    2. Engineering specification
    3. Material Specification
    4. BOM preparation
    5. ECN record & Requirement
    6. Decision on make & Buy
    7. Design of Tooling, Fixtures and other Requirements
    8. Preparation of inspection standard for brought out part
    9. Procurement of child part for proto type development
    10. Identification of new equipment requirement/ New tooling requirement/ New facilities/ Gauge/test equipment’s
    11. Acquiring all required new equipment/child part/gauges, etc
    12. Prepare proto type control plan
    13. Manufacturing of Tooling, Fixtures and other Requirements *
    14. Calibration of Tooling, Fixtures and other Requirements
    15. Make Trial /Event samples as per requirement (Customer/Internal)
    16. Part dispatch to customer
    17. Review product design and development plan
    18. Team feasibility commitment
    19. Operator & staff training
    20. Management presentation and support

Phase-3:-Process Design and Development

    1. Plant setup.
    2. Prepare new plant/Line layout
    3. Government clearance & approval for plant setup
    4. Land acquisition
    5. Plant construction/Line construction
    6. Plant audit & handover
    7. Preparation of Process flow chart
    8. Floor plan layout
    9.  Prepare Preliminary Process PFMEA
    10. Review Preliminary Process PFMEA.
    11. Prepare Prelaunch Control Plan  /PCS/PQCT
    12. Review  Prelaunch Control Plan  /PCS/PQCT
    13. Prepare WI/Inspection standards
    14. Make Trial /Event samples as per requirement (Customer/Internal)
    15. Make Trial /Event samples evaluation
    16. Prepare Operation Process Instruction./Supervisor  Training for change point
    17. Verify the outputs against Preliminary Control Plan (Initial Event Sample Trial)
    18. MSA/SPC
    19. Packaging Standard (Customer Defined)
    20. Review product & process quality system review

Phase-4:-Product & Process Validation

    1. Arranging material for trial run
    2. Arranging raw material & BOP
    3. Setup approval of tool
    4. Sample inspection as per drawing & control plan
    5. Sample submission & report submission to customer
    6. Feedback from customer
    7. Correction in tool (If required)
    8. Sample & ISIR report
    9. Production Trial run & corrective action (PPVT trial)
    10. PPAP preparation and submission to customer
    11. Packing evaluation
    12. MSA study
    13. SPC study for critical dimensions
    14. Review of  FMEA
    15. Prepare & Review Production Control Plan
    16. Review

Phase-5:-Production Launch, Assessment, and Improvement

    1. Conduct LVPT/HVPT along with CFT, doing QAV of line
    2. PPAP approval of all child parts and internal location freeze
    3. Forward product to customer through Initial product control process.
    4. Running production on line, checking defect and trend, reducing by analysis and corrective action
    5. Sign off Part Submission Warrant (PSW) with Customer
    6. PPAP submission internally or with allied parties for final production drawing release.
    7. Review of the  above activity until all points are not closed

APQP Timeline or APQP Matrix

For every project there will be project life. Start & end time will be fixed for any project.

Let’s say project life is 2 years. In these 2 years major events will be planned. These events are added into APQP timeline.

Each activity is measured on plan vs actual graph.

APQP Timeline

Draft photo of Complete APQP timeline,..

This is all about APQP short checklist of new product development. Hope you will found this informative and helpful.


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