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All car segments with difference

All Car segments in India with difference

SUV car in India is growing demand in car segments. Here in this article you will learn about different car segment of cars in India. Also you will learn about difference between different types of SUV cars.

Indian automobile market is fastest growing industry. India stand at fourth position after China, USA & Japan.

A segment-Mini Hatchback car

Maruti Alto, Wagon R, S presso, Renault Kwid come under A segment cars Usually A segment cars are mini cars with 3 cylinder gasoline engine. Purpose of these A segment car is only for city travel with limited speed. Power generation is low. These are cheap and cost saving car. In
India A segment car market share is 52%. Mean it is widely purchased. Safety features are less but mileage is good with low maintenance cost.

These car cover less space in park also, have good look. Seating capacity is not more than 5 people. Fuel consumption is less because of
less weight and size.

B Segment- Small Hatchback

Tata Altroz, Swift, Baleno, Honda Jazz, Ignis cars under this segements. B segment cars are also small in size. But safety feature are more than A segment cars. Also engine capacity and power s more. Looks are stylish and excellent performance on road.

C segment –Sedan cars

C segment car are divided into 3 categories -Sub compact sedan, Small sedan and Mid-size sedan. Small sedan car like Honda Amaze, Maruti  dzire. The power capacity of these cars is similar to B segment cars and greater than A segment car. Safety features are also similar to Small hatchback. Length is less than 4 meters. As weight is less so mileage and performance is good on road.

Small sedan cars are more than 4 meter long. Safety features are more and vehicle stability is great. Looks stylish and with strong engine power. Some small sedan are-Honda City, Verna.

Sub compact sedan– Hyundai Aura, Honda Amaze, Dzire

Small Sedan– Honda City, Toyota Yaris, Ciaz, Verna

D segment- Mid-size sedan

Mid-size sedan are also more than 4 meters. Engine capacity is also more. weight is more so mileage on road is low. Cabin space is more, feels like luxury. These cars are expensive.

D segment cars are- Honda Civic, Hyundai Elantra, BMW 3 series, Skoda octavia, Honda Accord, Toyota Camry.

E segment- Luxury cars

Audi A6, BMW 5 series, 7 series come under this segment. 

M segment- MPV cars

MPV stand for Multi Purpose vehicle. These are large is width and length. Having 3 row of seating. This segment also has 3 types- Small MPV, Mid-size SUV and Large SUV.

Small MPV cars have small engine-1.2 to 1.5 cc Engine. Run on gasoline and CNG option. Having both automatic and manual transmission system. Safety features are not so good but due to less weight, mileage is good on road.

Mid Size SUV cars are not more in market. A few cars option available in this type of car segment. Medium MPV cars in India is manufactured by few automakers- Toyota, Mahinda, Kia.

Medium MPV cars in India have more strong engine, more safety features, more stability and more weight, more space and more performance. Medium MPV car could be more expensive but more durable car in market. Example Toyota Innova Crysta.

Large MPV cars are also rare in car market, only big player manufacture this car like-Toyota and Kia. These Large MPV car have 3 row of seating with strong comfort and more leg space. Safety features are also more and durability is grate. Since weight and length is more so vehicle mileage will be less than 10km/l.

Small MPV– Maruti Ertiga, Renault Triber, XL6, Honda Mobilio

Medium MPV– Toyota Innova, Mahindra Marazzo, Kia carens

Large MPV cars– Toyota Vellfire, Kia carnivals

J segment- SUV Cars

J segment cars are SUV. Support vehicle utility. Purpose of SUV is for rough driving with strong body structure. Mean safety and speed both available in car. Pure SUV has strong chassis. Which provide strong durability. In today market this segment is widely being liked and purchased. Also automakers are doing modification with body structure of past model cars and jointly making crossover product. These cars are easy to manufacture and cover less space.

As per demand of buyer this segment has 4 types:-

Sub compact SUV– Lot of car in india- Brezza, Nexon, Sonet, Venue, tata punch, scorpio, XUV 300, Grand Vitara,  Toyota hyryder, Honda BR-V, Honda WR-V

Compact SUV car– Hyundai Creta, Kia Seltos, Duster, Kicks, Hyundai Tucson,

Mid Size SUV cars– Tata harrier, Mahindra XUV700, MG Hactor, XUV 500

Large SUV cars:- Toyota fortuner, MG Gloster, Ford endeavour, Mahindra Alturas G4, Honda CR-V.

Sub compact SUV is most common car type in India. Its is now first desire and choice for people to buy. Every automaker in India has sub compact crossover SUV in their portfolio.

Well here we will learn difference between these SUV in details:-

Difference between Compact & Sub compact SUV?

Sub compact SUV is smallest SUV. This is for those people who are on their budget and don’t need extra space. Compact SUV is larger than
sub compact SUV but not equal to mid-size or large SUVs. Otherwise safety and features are same in Compact and Sub compact SUV.

Sub Compact SUV

Compact SUV

Small Seating Position 

higher seating position

Fuel Efficiency

Comfortable ride.

Precise Handling and Performance

larger than subcompacts (good amount of



Come with largest safety features

Come with largest safety features

Brezza, Nexon

Kia Seltos, XUV 700

Difference between Mid-Size SUV and Large SUV?

Mid-size SUV is larger than compact SUV. Bulky than compact SUV. More size for seating in mid-size SUV than compact SUV. Mid-Size SUV is more than 4 meter in size. Mid-Size SUV come with great engine and AWD features. Compact SUV usually come under 4 meter in size. Cost of buying Mid-size SUV is more than compact SUV.

Large SUV is also called Standard SUV or Full size SUV. It is bigger than Mid-size SUV.

Mid-Size SUV

Large SUV

Less space for seating than Large SUV

Large Cargo space

More fuel efficient than Full size SUV

More comfort and safety features

More reliable and durable

Designed for off-road capabilities

Easy to handle

More powerful engine than Mid-Size SUV

Usually come with petrol

Come with third row of seating

Eg- Hyundai Creta, XUV 700, Kia Seltos, VW Tiagun, Skoda Kushaq, MG
hector, Tata Harrier.

Eg- Toyota Fortuner, MG glostar, Honda CRV, Ford Evdaviour, Mahindra
Alturas G4.

What is Crossover utility Vehicle (CUV)?

Sub compact crossover SUV- Suzuki grand Vitara, Toyota hyryder, S cross, Honda WR-V are some example of cross over vehicle available in Indian car market.

Crossover SUV is lighter and built on car platform, while SUV are heavier and uses a truck chassis.

Crossover SUV’s Body and frame are built in a single piece or on unibody chassis, construction shared with passenger cars. It is called unique platform. Since it is lighter so it provide better fuel efficiency. Most of SUV are built of body on frame design-this mean body and frame are developed
separately and later joint together during manufacturing process.

Mean we want more power from drive point of view also comfort and features like passenger car. Crossover SUV based upon car model. Usually
standard SUV come with AWD according to their uses and requirement. CUV come in both option- AWD as well as front wheel drive system.

Cross over SUV

Full Size SUV

Lighter in weight

Heavier in weight

More interior and Cargo space,

More space and cargo space

Greater fuel economy

Less fuel economy

Superior ride & Handling quality

Handling quality is tough

Based on Car Model

Based upon SUV

Towing capacity is low

Towing capacity is high

Here is summary in below picture:-
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